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Benvenuti! The Italians are known for their delectable cuisine, expressive language, and vibrant culture. Another wonderful part of Italian culture? A great sense of humor! The Italian Jokes API is your gateway to laughter with an Italian twist, offering jokes from various categories to tickle your funny bone. Viva la risata! (Long live laughter!)

API Documentation


The Italian Jokes API allows you to retrieve jokes about Italians, showcasing their vibrant culture and lighthearted spirit. It provides various endpoints to fetch jokes based on different subtypes.

API Usage

To retrieve a joke, you can make a GET request to the following endpoint:

GET /api/jokes

Query Parameters

The API supports the following query parameters:

Response Format

The API responds with a JSON object containing the following properties:

    "id": 1,
    "joke": "Why did the Mafia cross the road? Forget about it.",
    "type": "Italian",
    "subtype": "One-liner"


Here are some examples of how to interact with the API:

// Fetch a random joke
GET /api/jokes

// Fetch a joke of a specific subtype
GET /api/jokes?subtype=Observational

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